Gail King: the new  year flies

Spring '14 TOC

the new  year flies
last week meteors and asteroids
explode into space

let the world go away
the funny way of accepting it
just seems like yesterday

we were born to be wild
on the back of a chopper
oh the wind and the rain

or just the first blossom
yellow hillsides this day
the peak of quince
no one quite ready for taxes

sky blue
the cats cradle
the talk in town
not sure where I’m going

paint the ceiling
bask in sunshine
listen to talk of snow
blizzards and tornados
not California

how would I deal with Morocco
stuck on a cruise ship
and wading in shit
America   Americans

a call from Sue
checking in on her best friend
who’s got it bad
we all await our diagnosis

some just go about
not much to say
it’s ok    not great

the skinny fat are all around us
love    peace    and happiness
total eclipse of the hard



Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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