Gail King: SOLSTICE 2013

Spring '14 TOC

We wax on about this life
this crisis
that life
and few left to tell of it
continue to rake
care for my parent’s house
junk pulled from the attic
destined for the cans
can I let go?

the little day passes too fast
sun low rides the fence line
never tops the trees
once frozen always frozen
the last of leaf
just won’t come down

shake a stick at it
beat the drum
call it back to us

I call back the sun
to hills
to river
to lamp post
to door jam
to record player
to Jimmy Hendrix
to Chevy on the levy

at the table
magazines pile up
a reminder that time passes
that I have not yet caught up

days ahead unplanned
all I want is a seat in the sun
creatures at my feet


Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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