Steven Riley: sidewalk full

Spring '14 TOC

brown socks, black shoes

rustling wet paper bags

beneath translucent raincoats

even the person

next to each person

 smells like plastic


clever ones smoke cigarettes

without getting them soaked

don’t know how


destinations, deadlines, duties

shrill piercings from warning bells

time dripping from every grasp

all dogs must race

all dogs must run


from a wet white wall

street art faces

peel away from  an artist’s

night spent sweat

Che Guevara, maybe Marley

teaching impermanence


sidewalk chalk

the colors of an acid trip

bleeds together, a silent cement gray

only Mapplethorpe

or Wagstaff could embrace


every rabbit is a fake

each path  always circular

the finish just

the last step before

a next beginning


-Steven Riley



Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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