Rebecca Wright: Magna Niño

Spring '14 TOC

Is no clean
    burn down the house, beat me, throw the things away
you love me so little
                        that’s a critical thing what you do to me
but all things are good in life
on holidays
            when the century bends
                                                grab hold and help it beak away
locked in a little room
            living in a third of it
                        beside a window and in the morning the birds
would chirp
I opened the window and saw a blue sky and the birds fling by
it was like a prison cell
I spent my fury on some worthless song
on an imaginary victim and secret friend
a stranger named Gregory was seated next to me
            to the south
                        bands of boys with baseball gloves
so now we sit on a bench avoiding the formal sadness of a profession
and she will go to the alter in weeds.

The tea and toast pattern of elderly persons living alone
            offer your brow to feast their eyes upon
the lonely crowded hearts cast upon the flaming beach
who turned your head
who emptied your soul, emptied your pocket book
and left you this
so what, my life is terrible
                        suicide hangs over me like a pall
                                                spidery steps lace up
the garden walks, flowers hang their fragrant heads
apparently they go traveling with their life story
under their arms, and when they begin to speak
to you, they sort through the pages pulling out a story
which is relevant, two thousand of them walking the corridors
of the year.
                        Now when I feel revenge
now when I want to sleep at night
the garden calls to me, and I go lie down
                                    in the open flower bed
but somewhere a flower is stifling her cries in the night,
                                                 and somewhere
a beautiful new bloom is being ravaged by an assassin bug
the sleepless are tormented by these sounds.


Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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