Bobby Taylor: Let Freedom Ring

Spring '14 TOC

God fearin’ Jesus men
finger on the war within
teachin’ the children how to shoot

feel it son, the Jesus gun
Second Amendment, that’s the one
gotta rip this lib’ral sh&# out by the roots

filibuster, spit and luster
takin’ the white world back
quotin’ Seuss, and Keith, and Kutcher
capitalism, screw the future
pull the trigger
let the bodies stack

There ain’t no global warmin’
Ain’t no new world order comin’
Ain’t no insurance gonna save ‘em
from our power, our might, our destiny

Are you ready to go to heaven
with an AK-47

For God so loved the world
that he gave us hate
and 24 hour propaganda

So that we might rein down
on  the disbelievers

Prove your love
            your righteousness
            your commitment to your convictions
            for America
for your Savior’s sake

Let Freedom Ring


Bobby Taylor


Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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