Bobby Taylor: Easter Egg Colors

Spring '14 TOC

Flowers in colors not found in nature
Easter-egg  greens, and purples, and pinks
laid there by people who can’t afford coffins
who talk to the cameras with mouths missing teeth

Flies on the crimson that glistens on gravel
How long did it pour? How deep does it go?
The car had two doors, the boys in the back—
Do they beg for their lives when the windshield explodes?

I drove by that place last night coming home
fearing that I might see them together
with gun-shots through shapes that filled shirts and jeans—
now vacant, blown open, doors banging, only weather

I look in the back seat, no one there
I turn on my high beams, lock the doors, speed

Foolish me
Avoiding the possibility
of encountering their souls
me—the only one on the road
isn’t that how it happens?




Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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