Michael Schene: The Flaying

Spring '13 TOC


 The Flaying

O thinkest only fools darest to tweak
The godly nose of mighty Apollo
Who did pluckest lyre so sweetly sounding
Virginal maidens begged favors lost

The Satry Marsyas image doth mirror
Refuset, creature repelled by fair sex
Plucked heavenly notes that transformed the Horned
Into god's visage that pleaset not god.

O Marsyas' hubris lead to folly
Evil doings, pride replaced, horror prescribed
The Satry Marsyas hooves hung, flesh flayed, damsels faint.
The pleadings failed to reach the Father Zeus.

Like the apple eaten by prideful Eve
The Satry did ignore his mortal state.



Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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