Jeannie Carlson: Ode to the Garden Fountain

Spring '13 TOC


What new spring is born and reborn? Is there a new burst of

liquid beneath the earth?

At last wondrous Walden’s Pond empties forth, epic and natural,

Streaming and squirting, teeming and churning

The blue gold that sallies up two tiers and drops tears down

That quenches the thirst of humanity even when they do not

Know that they are thirsty,

The water that sources and outsources all life,

Refresh and recycle, keep rushing,

Absolving, purifying, baptizing, sanctifying,

Nurturing, irrigating, satiating, extinguishing,

Fortifying resolve and renewal to move with nature’s tongue,

To listen, glisten and reflect upon your generosity

Wet in the concrete container for all to imbibe,

Dynamic in density, compelled to leap in the air

And return to the bubbling basin, a swirling emergent well.



Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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