Melanie Klug: Mom's House

Spring '13 TOC


she stares
at the plastic
turquoise Avon brush
clumps of white hair
in her left hand

she asks when
did this happen?

blonde 58 years ago
she walked with Marilyn
the same age, smiled
red lips and blue eyes
into the camera

today she sits
with Pat Sajak
spins the wheel
admires Vanna's red dress

for Final Jeopardy

sometimes she looks
for Johnny Carson
and forgets which
remote channels NBC

She cries

her beauty
gone with Marilyn
and the pink pills

into the downy fresh
white night

she wants
Sgt. Robert Leonard
shot in the summer
Normandy white sand
1944 she was 17

she remembers
John Lennon singing

Give Peace a Chance
in bed
in white

with his Asian wife
and her plastic band

white roses behind
one of the Smothers Brothers

Pulling her hairs
From the turquoise
Avon brush she asks
What is

then says she's ready
to go now
but she stays



Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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