Melanie Klug: Missouri Sidewalk

Spring '13 TOC


the chain-linked fence
droops from its original support
constant gravity with rusty edges
path worn around the inside
the dog loves to patrol?
Rumi marks his place in the rust

someone painted the door blue
there are no screens
on the screened porch
next to the grey garage
Rumi pants as his nails
click the concrete

brown trim cosmetic job next door
black awnings don't match anymore

crocuses reach up
from muddy grounds
already forgot yesterday's snow
Rumi circles
in & on & around the purple petals
Uh oh

yesterday's plastic bag
still in the coat pocket

sorry little flowers
you could use the compost
but it's the law
pick it up
take it home, warm
in the bag

an old woman watches
across the street
long, dark hair parted straight
in the middle, long grey roots

in a white plastic chair
she smokes, behind her
in black capital letters
'JESUS' on a white board
in the window

faded yellow house
frames the sign

hard working chainsaw
in the back yard

shiny beige Cadillac
circa 1986? not one scratch
sunlight and me
in the tinted window

the breeze is barely noticeable

Rumi smells the ivy
under unidentified tree
without leaves
I don't recognize the bark



Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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