Jeannie Carlson: Genesis N/A

Spring '13 TOC


First there was black and white television. It gave light, sound, movement. It spoke to the people and it was good. People gathered around the electro-magnetic glow to assimilate how they should live and eat and work. It made them laugh and told stories. It told them how to think and interpret events. There was great rejoicing throughout the land.

Next came color television followed by a host of technological improvements. Outside of television, there were only other electronic devices. People were not to speak to one another. This was the one rule. This kept understanding and caring from undermining war, poverty and social ills that supported all who watched television. There was great rejoicing throughout the land.

Then Reality TV and News Pundits appeared telepathically spouting projectile vitriol. The people saw themselves as celebrities and elevated their own self-importance. They feared their neighbors and isolated themselves. There was great rejoicing throughout the land.

Finally, elections were decided by the television. Candidates spent great sums of money and lied about their opponents in commercials. Candidates promoted fear to gain votes by telling their supporters that the opposition's monster would devour them if he won. The people called in their votes. Some people called in numerous times to give their candidate an advantage. There was great rejoicing throughout the land.



Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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