Les Antczak: Calcification

Spring '13 TOC

Click, and then another,

The wing door swings open


Small light,


We all knew, in one way or another

The horse steered left

Near the fence - & head on with the dark


Other side is a row of rental spaces

Emptied, forlorn in week-old dirty snow

Nothing new about this


Except that more businesses are failing

& with a frequency unheard of ten years ago

This is not just a cycle


The times that were changing & remained the same

Are eerily similar

In that we still walk around with lowered heads


Across pavement that looks the same

Muttering insults & worries

Into the wind the same as our grandfathers


Only the Hasidic kid on the other end of the block

Bears witness to the

Bells ringing from behind his eyes



Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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