Maureen Owen & Phyllis Wat: Postcard Collaborations, Part 8

Spring '12 TOC

on the road

on the road

Boys and men in hats and wool
kick rocks & boulders on the road
the road is paved but strewn with chunks

of stone    and pebbles bigger than a dictionary
the real rocks could be styrofoam or papier-mâché
caught in the air  they exhibit a disturbing
weightlessness   & the men and boys seem full of happy silliness

It could be a football or soccer game with more balls
than players    though the stones aren't round in any way
and set quite firmly on the pavement
which appears to be a highway in the hills
of some altitude as a piercing blue sky models
three or four chops of white cloud

& by the shadows of the crowd on the blacktop
it might be just after lunch    when just returning to their task
they stand awaiting their instructions
on this day that seems somewhat out of the ordinary  in their lives


On the Road

Conduct survey of surfaces using compass and spirit level.
Compile data re statistically natural boulder placement.
Prepare draft proposal on influence of small cloud masses.
Evaluate interventions including white center line.
Develop design for blacktop security needs.
Submit details of dovetails, clawfeet and dentillations.
Refine final design using Flettuce-fractals program.
Prepare presentation incorporating local drum routines.
Make presentation in black and blue.


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