Maureen Owen & Phyllis Wat: Postcard Collaborations, Part 6

Spring '12 TOC

Somewhere in Texas

"Eat a pig sandwich" in neon on
the side of a pig a young buff pig with
handsome twirled tail and neon Coca-Cola scripted on
that famous red background below the pig and under
"pig stands inc." on a metal strip painted turquoise it's
A hog wild sign

There's a hog wild sign somewhere in Texas

where a pig up in the air strutting through the sky
does a pig trot fetching our gaze and we trot along for a few seconds
driving by on our way out of Texas.

Or maybe the pig has a brilliant idea sending this card
of himself to Phyllis from Valerie asking about a job
something a bit more intellectual more agnostic ready to move
up in the world his name in a different kind of light


I, Pig

I, Pig

I am the Pig Stands, Inc. I eat at
"Trademark" Registered and Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.
I am the Eat a Pig sandwich
Red Coke logo against bluebell sky
I am pig profile pig with my message
Not the sign, symbol or dinner of your desires
Not your Porky or Petunia by-product
I was cute and inclined to please, but I was young
I cloak my snout with the decorum of the familiar
Stoic and aggressive, wait for darkness


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