Maureen Owen & Phyllis Wat: Postcard Collaborations, Part 5

Spring '12 TOC

Hieroglyphic Home

The foot was in the four-story tower

a courtyard consisted of a simple labyrinth owl and horned viper

reed leaf bathrooms   of  folded cloth   &     quail chick powder
water in a pool occupied a damp living room
Door bolt bedroom on the second floor   with mat, basket and arm

tables  chanting like hills

Many of the lion chairs were threadbare
a vulture atop several free-standing wooden cabinets
fireplace forming  a mouth

an empty pot stand         a piano player's hand
family portraits of cobra, candlestick, and loaf        dating
from the dim rope & knotted rope into mid-20th century

many of the rooms were rather dark


My life in Hieroglyphs

My Life in Hieroglyphs

I own three ropes, one with a loop
at each end, one a candlewick, and one that is knotted
that is all my ropes, and one is a light

I have a mouth, a loaf, water
water in a pool, a courtyard, a mat
I have a door bolt

with folded cloth and basket
with my hand, arm and foot
I set out for the hill, I do not say Nature

I call it horned viper or cobra, owl or vulture, or lion
and the quail chick is part of my tally
three birds, two snakes, one mammal

add to this, placenta—sheen of mortality
and the reed leaf I need
to write, to remember, to resist


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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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