Maureen Owen & Phyllis Wat: Postcard Collaborations, Part 3

Spring '12 TOC

from the top of the escarpment we saw the cinder cones of volcanoes now extinct

White adobe elephant sister     the city
's  western edge               in your marbling gait            Yellowfins
Bust from those alabaster shoulders     by the bay     morphing textualities
come thumping     thanks to everyone who voted for us    we are the herd
breaking with traditional tastes         a grid of variations     See we
have become green with black bowtie  &        tap shoes      or bit-mapped
blue        now we wear a basket        then
thick vermillion pigment             putty
pink         or finger-painted  background         O Chocolate
Ungulate                   you are not     a bony girl!




he popular name
of a pachydermous
mammal with five
toes and long
proboscis terminating in
a fingerlike lobe

to see the elephant or
to show the elephant
means to see or show
the notable sights as in
those of low character

Laurence Oliphant (var. Elephant)
travel writer and mystic penned
A Journey to Khatmandu
also The Russian Shores of the Black Sea
Wounded by assassins in Japan
he much later settled in Haifa

See also Heffalump


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