Dennis Barone: Stammer

Spring '11 TOC

Sometimes while reading
All readers fall asleep.
Their eyes close and
For twenty, thirty minutes
The world goes on without
Them. When they awake,
Confused for a few
Moments, they can’t
Recall where they left off,
Where exactly on the even
Or the odd numbered pages
They had stopped reading,
Nodded off, and let the book
Fall, its weight too much
To command. When they awake
They may also, momentarily,
Forget their place in the world,
Where it was they had
Abdicated all responsibility
For matters of state or that
Class (soon to start) of twenty-five
Fifteen year old boys, eager
For something, but not for
Reading. The book in
The reader’s hand, falls
Face down and flat upon
A gently rising and falling
Stomach. It remains the same,
But has all else in this restless,
Frantic world changed?

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