Dennis Barone: Night Walk

Spring '11 TOC

Our boots were by the door. We were ready to enter
the cold as soon as we opened the door and stepped

outside. How surprised we were when we did so and
felt the mild night air. We turned left and noted

the right side lights had been turned off, possibly
removed, but the left side ones glowed. We turned

left and proceeded straight, uneventfully, though
we had hoped to see an animal. When we made our

next left hand turn, we saw lights approaching us.
At the last moment, they veered off to our left, their

right. Soon, they disappeared. We heard voices,
but couldn’t place them nor could we locate their

source. Then we saw an animal, a little farther ahead,
enough so that we could not distinguish its chief

characteristics and hence: its species. So silent:
we noted as we turned left once more. We stepped

inside and placed our boots neatly by the door,
hats and gloves beside.

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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