Kelly Money: Swaddling

Spring '10 TOC

Scream. Cry. Kick. Hungry. Mom. Where's Mom? Cry for Mom. I miss my mom. Why does she not come? Mom is not Ashram. Ashram is Mom. Scream. I'm two. Two. Big now. Mom? Mom?? Mom! No Mom. Ashram. Big hands. Big hands grab. Lift. I kick kickkick. Thick cotton. Scratchy cotton. Thick big hands wrap me in thick scratchy cotton. Scream, I scream and scream and scream. Mom! No words. Thick hands have no words. Over my mouth. Can't breathe. Can't scream. Over my eyes and all is dark. Thick hands pull the cotton past my nose, past my mouth. Air. At least air in my mouth now, in my nose now. Hands! I can't move my hands. SCREAM! Cocooned. Like that bug, just like that bug we saw. Mom said cocoon. Am I the bug? I don't want to be the bug! Mom...I want my mom! Laying me down, hard cold floor. Door. Is that the door? Did they shut the door? Scream, and scream, and scream. Footsteps. Coming? Going? Alone. I'm all alone. I can't move my arms. I want my mom. Cry and cry. And finally, sleep.

...But these are his memories, not mine...

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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