Collaborative Poem with Suzanne DuLany, Ariella Ruth Goldberg, Eric Hawthorn, Janna Plant, Anne Waldman, Mark White: Cutting Up

Spring '10 TOC

"It ain't right," he said.
"Try to read all these simultaneously," she said.
"In a single dose," he said.
"Please respond to the following using the number that best reflects," she said.
"What we breathe in," he said.
"Interpersonal consequences," she said.
"A certain percentage of deaths are," he said.
"Then all of a sudden," she said.
"In stomachs," he said.
"That has nothing to do with it," she said.
"About five million monkeys," he said.
"Queen bees," she said.
"By a tube," he said.
"Paying the light bill by running," she said.
"Often provokes laughter," he said.
"Omit ego," she said.
"A measure of the animal system," he said.
"Kamikaze," she said.
"An uncertain percentage of voters," he said.
"Nasal flowers," she said.
"Dogs, rabbits, rats, and prisoners," he said.
"Shake and strain," she said.
"Serve up," he said.
"X," she said.
"Lemmings," he said.
"Strong agreement," she said.
"Voluntarily," he said.
"Cormorants," she said.
"Gently," he said.
"Broken threads," she said.
("Maybe dubious," they said.)

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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