Janet Hamill: Production Notes

Spring '09 TOC

Lenny Kaye produced the CD, and Bob Holman was executive producer. It was released in 2001. We recorded in a little shack of a studio in the Minnewaska preserve, atop the Shawangunk ridge outside of New Paltz, NY. It took over a year to record because we could only go into the studio when Lenny was free to come upstate. Lenny plays Egyptian oud on La Messagere Nocturne. For Patti Smith's clarinet part on Moving Star, friends of Lenny's let us record in a state of the art studio in NYC. I play harmonica on A Change of Skin and Moving Star. The Moving Star musicians on all tracks are Jay LoRubbio (guitar), Bob Torsello (bass), Sean Healy (drums) and Evan Teatum (keyboards). They took their name from my poem.

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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