Allison Martin: life intended

Spring '09 TOC

in bare night scaffold
fear. infrastructure
timidity. barred windows.
crawlspace open door to
black abyss; wasn't open
before. weeds. dog on
chain. discarded clothing
next to burnt out house,
reeks of something other than death.
small sign in front reads:
“In Memory of Geraldine
Happy Birthday
July 4th”
Geraldine's belongings erupted
from her blackened dwelling,
clutter the yard. my dog sniffs,
turns away. street one block parallel
gives skyline view; city lights burn
long after Geraldine.
two vacant houses, side
by side. three for rent, five
for sale my street alone. no
one moves here. empty houses
sit. it's a transitional area.
realtors say undergoing gentrification.
shit, we know what it
means. our bikes stolen last
week; kicked out porch rails—
      I never considered how easy...
but hey, the rent
is cheap.

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