Kaen Joyler: jet lag

Spring '09 TOC

share tears and shout outs
                hollowed spare on that face
                                by that propensity fun dares
newly bored infant stranger
                privy latrine locked in out
                                waste not want much plus
surf squared to the front tone
                life & love & all that other nonsense
                                levity’s gravity informs our fall
                from grace, innocence
protests I don’t know about you but I’m guilty
of rug making in the first
                degree Celsius parole serves 9/5ths
                                sentencing rules the heart &
                mindful of ear responsibility
mnemonic Tetrahydrocannabinol
                hold it in hold it in hold it in hold it
                                forget it more than I ever
knew to be false silly jism instant

layered tundra, miles deep air water earth
                lacks fire, blue scheduled ETA
                                sniffed at:  five minutes earlier
                than departure
no place to reach for footing
                solid groundless fallen away like lira
                                into new currency, an ouzo
varnished copper lip    economy’s cluster fuck

heroes in immigration, no, heroin-eyed dogs leash
                short blank security junkies
                                painters in oils, garlic, sweat,
cleared by x-ray  enjoy your vacation, your stay
                like it’s not work to travel back
                                time & space suspended
                pressurized gas cabinet
belonging must not be left behind

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Not Enough Night
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