Jeffrey Miller : in a night sky

Spring '09 TOC

I prefer my suffering                  by satellite
in a night sky      safely hidden in space 
a thousand little stars       look more pleasing
from afar    need a little distance
when up too close  I feel the heat    eyes see the sting

shut my eyes    experience has taught me to sleep               
let dreams make the meaning   while I remain complacent   
see the constellations       stay nestled
comfortably in Orion’s armpit

then telescope placed me           brought me into sight 
undiscovered is desired           I desire
my darkness makes me unique  
keeps me happy          my threat   
rocket fuel and fire    prodding in space  
invading my darkness     uncovering truth
too much light ruins     the view
awakens me to my suffering
reminds me                I am ignorant 

shut off all light     quash rocket  and fire             
               quiet     hush                             

fire is out now    rocket gone away
look up   lift head up    see
Half moon sliver       I feel better for a time
I prefer my suffering             in a night sky  
good                           night.

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