Allison Martin : everything else perfect

Spring '09 TOC

I am broke am broken I broke I
I is broke my I is broke
did I broke it or did you broke it
bro   ken I broke broken
my middle name is Brooke
                            not Broke
I could broke you, too
in this broken everything else
must be perfect
language perfect perfect broke language
language ain't got no quarter for the bus
but! language travels
even within my own broke
body Brooke body
did you know how I broke Brooke?
I broken her by forgetting
by falling as   leep
remember her pain remember her
bro   ken shame
remember to assign blame
not! to broke her but broke he
ah, he−so he broken you
think I understand now
language make it hard to say
to say he broken
but wait! I broken back
I broken he
I take Brooke back

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