Christina Lundberg: Shadowing Williams

Spring '08 TOC

And as reverie gains and
as thoughtlessness fails and
strip mall doors wring out open and shut and
your hand over my hand presses the glass back
together loosened out of our joints following said
words hot air balloons from out of the mouth to the
united sky        and
cuts home out of the neighborhood

The trick’s done!
the obvious not finished
go! you are saying too much
leave it in the restaurant to-go box
back at the table

Day is covered and we see you
night is exposed and we wait till you’re gone
turn around and catch who’s watching

But not alone!
but so alone!
drunk and bedraggled
sober and salty
spreading our rest out on the ground

The strictness of beauty
the ugliness slack
a dead phone
under a sky full of stars
maybe you’re trouble
Beautiful Thing
hideous nothing
may I have this dance
and a slow moon
and a fast sun
to sham the body in glow
moving childhood over here
no over there
where it’s safer on this side of the road
to whatever the anesthetic
to detail the fixed
excuse me
Beautiful Thing
Ugly Nothing
move your shopping cart off of
my ankles

What does it matter?
everyone will presume
not to notice
But you!
But me!
unstuck and out of it 

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