Lisa Birman: Fee Rejection Information

Spring '08 TOC

There are several reasons why an applicationperson can be rejected, such as the wrong fee was submitted, the check or money order was missing or not properly endorsed, or the application was not signed. USCIS is not aware of any improperly rejected casespersons where the only reason for the rejection was the incorrect fee involving the fee increase. When resubmitting any applicationperson or petition, the rejection notice must be included and all corrective action cited in the notice must be taken. Those individuals who filed their applications on or before April 29, 2004, with the fee that was in effect at that time, and who believe their applicationperson was improperly rejected, but only because of the fee increase, should re-send the entire application package person as originally submitted, to the Service Center where they originally filed. The following are also required.

A cover letter, asking that the rejection be reconsidered;

The rejection notice from the Service Center;
The check or money order originally submitted, for the fee that was in effect on or before April 29, 2004;

Proof that the original submission was mailed on or before April 29, 2004. Proof of mailing can include any envelopes with the postmark, certified mail return receipts, or express courier receipts showing proof of delivery.

If it is determined that the caseperson was improperly rejected, normal processing will resume and the benefit of the earlier filing date will be given. If the caseperson was properly rejected the first time, itthe person will be rejected again with instructions to correct the deficiency. Case processing does not begin, and priority dates are not assigned, until a case is properly filed.

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