Mark DuCharme: Projection #2046

Spring '08 TOC

No matter what happened
It’s all material
I’m definitely not going

In the wind that pushes
Clouds away
The beauty of the accident

Does not compare
To siphoned-off buildings

Less replied, but laughing
Like the saddest thing you said

Dream not in underlying
Affairs like smoke
Shrill as stiflingly

Disjointed— though
This false hunger’s

Only whisper, when it’s

Full of air, the false
Stars barging—

Let’s pretend eroticism is accidental
My loves & would-be lovers
When you turn away

Why is it you’re still playing
At the cinema in my head?

My feeling is that fruitsellers
Return rapid paper copies

Until this trembling is
Coincident as

To turn around these
Limbs you’d thwart

At the true meaning of some dull indulgence

For which I have mistaken you

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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