Christina Lundberg : Point A to Point B

Spring '08 TOC

My ice skates are two luster stumps
my cheeks are wheels on talk
my tongue is the lit wick lacquer
whistling  the teeth right off
those cars
wait for me stoplight
I’ve got something to tell you
as I skid underneath the cold white clouds
and hope someone’s vague faded mirror
is some sort of
memory detour
for me to find my way
back to all those places
that I go to in my sleep
watch out for oil shadows
they are permanent
travel veins that pen and ink
find on curdled paper
those billboards blow birds up
just standing there
yelling at the eyes to get over there
and get distracted
so shopping malls can find you
and take advantage of your
idea to have a good day.

This poem is a collaboration with William Burroughs’ “Cold Lost Marbles.”The parts of the poem that I have collaborated with are in italics.

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