Eleni Sikelianos: Poems from Body Clock

Spring '08 TOC

heeyá! in the night   who gladdens stars as
if horses
and holding the reins holding
little wolf-wigs to a bird, stars in in centrifugal spin,  heeyá,
do-ggy, unsweet little
turd in your paper pants on the plane that I must
change & I must change my mind about you daily as we
revolve around the sun you say
apple up mama baby hola kitty bye-bye hi papa hello
you poke your head out & inventory: WA A A A!  busiest
self-propelled motorist / tourist / windmill removing
all the adulterated items from my purse and
breaking all the adulterated items in my
purse and we love it, biter, you, your
hectic hands and all that traffic you produce which has to do
with meteors and books and brains and words and poop
and constellations made the stars you make of humans

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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