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Some months ago, Naropa’s Summer Writing Program Director Lisa Birman and I founded a political party. We named it the Poets Party, the premise being that the issues being discussed in the current national elections are in need of creative discourse and perspective.

Ours is unique in that we have no platform beyond the United States Constitution, and don’t currently plan to endorse any candidate. Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are the bookends that hold the Poets Party together. And you don’t have to be a poet to belong. You simply need to be an artist of the spirit. We are American-based but international in scope and concern.  

We intend to celebrate the formation of the party with an event this summer (July 4 and why not) at the very public band shell in Boulder, Colorado. There will be poetry and music. We will invite representative voices from significant political constituencies, even those we don’t necessarily agree with. It should be a tremendous time and will serve as a fine warm-up for the Democratic Convention, slated for Denver in August.

Do you think we’ll make a difference? Hard to say, but we know we’ll make some noise. And that noise promises to be more poetic and profound than the kind of national discourse to which we have become all too accustomed. In other words, fellow artists, wherever you are, let’s not sit this one out. The 21st century is not merely upon us, we are in it. Whatever you do, don’t miss
the party.

In the meantime, we are very pleased to share with you the seventh issue of not enough night. Art and poetry, now more
than ever...

—Junior Burke
April 2008

Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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