Siri Phillips: Empty

Spring '08 TOC

empty notebook
empty source of scream
empty road
empty car, empty river, empty light

empty dream with mice in it
empty palm tree with blue lizards
empty breeze
empty flowerpot

empty tinsel
empty gazing in disbelief
empty eye, empty hand
empty house in the sky

empty hot flashes in the night
empty personal trainer
empty pink and green birds
empty driveway

empty tongue
empty beautiful book
empty words whispering
empty poem industry

empty sprinkles
empty painted mirror
empty landscape of leaves in the mirror
empty wedding rings

empty cluster of spider bites
empty card table
empty certificate of authenticity
empty ocean of skin

empty camera
empty loose ends
empty contrails of a plane
empty satisfaction

empty edge of the sea
empty adjectives
empty moonlight above the gutter
empty nuclear cloud

empty letters from the sea
empty toothbrush in pink
empty air with no color
empty yesterday

empty plate glass window
empty fires in the field
empty gorgeous necks of swans
empty dead poodles

empty skyscraper
empty watery sound
empty red mandibles
empty Vitamin D

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Not Enough Night
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