Gianina Opris: Wing and Hand-Out

Spring '07 TOC

~~~~~Music: Song of the Dark Woods composed by Elie Siegmeister

         There she is at the park near the lake by the green benches.  By the runners
jogging by.  It’s the statue of an angel with a broken wing.  The tall trees above the
statue’s body provide a magical shade.
                                            A lavender landscape.
Her right arm is standing up tall and strong.  Her hand makes a fist. 
                      “Why those sad eyes looking down to the ground?”
Dear Dog gets excited!  She moves to the left corner of the bench.  Sits alert.
_____________Waits as if ready to pray. 
The angel’s upper left top wing is broken.   A flat cut out.  Or
Her left hand is taken. 
         She struggles to see this type of woman.       This angle of stone. 
               One side of her being emerges strengthened and the other doesn’t.
                                                       It’s cut out.                             
        Quiet now................She shines.

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Not Enough Night
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