Robin Gunkel: Unremembered Moon

Spring '07 TOC

Unremembered Moon

Hamachi, yellow young tail & orange roe glisten nestled in nori, jewel world transient
near sentient bubbles, wearing yummy sushi pajamas and white singlet wife beater,
lean from 2nd story Chateau Noichi window and scan midnight streets for Pai starlett
white star, a pep bottle brimming with water, like equatorial fruit balanced on center
head.  Spot black suit Yakuza negotiating on ketai.  Summer long, traditional
merchant wealth tattoos polishing long black cars under July sun.

September night, unremembered moon, exhausted.  Glance up thick,
black, electric cables, one foot within reach.  So close to Den Den town, mere blocks
from Doutenbouri.  Nerve impulse roller coaster neon and chouki, chouki red claws.

Oblong penguin, Don Quijote ferris wheel on river like Murakami’s Sputnik and a
woman trapped inside. Who splits in two, dark to white ...

the night she spots herself,
outside herself

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