F.H. Broxton: Too-Educated Black Woman

Spring '07 TOC

How does one          obtain the American Dream,
still be down             J-Loed from head to ground
degree with no home-girl speak defies ethnicity
resumes and pay days          still                unlinked
unable to coexist with
Master of Prudential’s plantation

One spot on Purity’s foundationed face
                                                  undenied blemish
possibilities secret no more
I tweak what’s given           special
molding kink into yacky-likeness
sifting brown sugar from flour

lips pop        eyes roll
                                             unwelcomed inflections,
conjuring shrieks        festering gashes
from de-pigmented Apollyons and like,
smells of wet dog hair
cankered pig’s ears                                         

exaggerated pronunciations
fool-proof compass to tokenism.

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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