Robin Gunkel: Tokyo Gardens Green

Spring '07 TOC

Spiral plants shiver trip, brass chimeless wind chime shakes down still, hook through
hole, hold hinge.  Hinge, hinge, hinge, hinge, hinge, hinge, hinge.  Red panties hang
porous transient. From balcony sky view, even naked framed night brings anonymity
of living, rainbow hammock swings, under body balance weight, from ninth floor,
sirens. Breeze, long span black bird perched, by potted mint, basil, parsley, thyme.
Solar spice, imbue the sun to eat yellow pepper red, salsa, or coconut, tentacle green

Lotus root slices and lemongrass string.

How do you hypnotize a dragonfly? In red socks with swirling finger? Osaka octopus
red and Tokyo gardens green.  Feed cockeyed crows, fried chicken, stare at purple
sheen.  Avian influenza? That Family Mart grease, golden goodness, cooked flesh
white through.  Visitors in bonsai(ed) trees, just don’t let that liquid shit land on you.
Can you feel garden slope, beneath cool back and sun like skin? October fleeting
heat? Hills for aristocracy converge into single vantage veranda aperture view.
Turtles, dragonflies, crows, spiders. Home in city, sleepy, sleep. Blanketed grass, soft
moss rolling

Gold eyelids, gauntlet, Wonder Woman, lasso sheen.  GOLD. Shimmer and dapple
the pond reflects in star maple leaves.  Scarlet skimmers mate midair, the curve of her
curve in supine alignment, picnic recline, pond edge, land and water meet.  Body and
plants shiver.  Like a cat, sounds impinge to purr upon face.

A pitcher, a kettle, water, walls, steam or still, brim to hold.  Little ripples under wind.

At home amidst web thick silver entrails crowd sticky between dark trees.  Above,
below, a swarm of dragonflies, thick Michigan lake memories reside beside yellow
abdomen, prolific garden goddess spiders still and waiting in every lantern, shrine,
sacred or recreational tree.

She’s a little tako squeamish, tentacles chopped into Thai curry. Succulent suckers
threaten to pop in palate, pushed to side of bowl.  Not gold chicken, never gold
chicken, could never be that chicken fed to squawking sheen.   Purple depicted red.  
Camouflage to milk gleam. Eight fold reach to distant-invisible family.

How do you hypnotize a dragonfly?  with as much memory as speed?

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