Tim Armentrout: Thirteen

Spring '07 TOC

Breathless beneath ground
like pregnancy in the smoking section
the Miners’ evacuation route clogged by carbon monoxide:
first morning shift
of the New Year.

Fellow Workers the size of a nation
Companies the size of an ego

Sleek inspectors
(Product their addiction)
said safe at 5:50 am
despite the presence of an electrical storm.
of the 100 lightening strikes detected
in the following hour
caused an explosion.

Two miles in
280 feet down
thirteen men
gasping behind a fabric barrier
wrote letters to family
before they went to sleep.
woke up.

West Virginia
no profit comes from these holes.
Oh brothers! Oh sisters!
The mountains are not made of money.
Nothing good
no excuse or justification
for this industry.

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Not Enough Night
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