Amy Lynn Hess: Smiths Creek

Spring '07 TOC

uncles in earflapped hats in hunter orange
even at Christmas
                  in hunter orange look
        dressed in gray

the catholic moonlight on snow makes hats look blue
pumpkins take over patches
husks win-over the fields
         wins  in all
         other places
                   but for the red
                           barn and the
and white

even every other dog or cat is faded a light brown
                           or gray

                 and dirty
                 muddy feeted
animals and children chase
gray and white and foggy light
brown field mice through the yellow gray hay in the loft of the red

the killdeer warns the barn owl
hoots the swallows
drop gray polkadots onto the backs of lusterless horses

the hayhook swings through the barn from a twentyfoot chain
dangling from the ceiling we squeal
and play in wetgravel in the driveway
the edge of the house fades into the road
dustcovered and barely visible like spiderwebs

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