Dave Brinks: the caveat onus ::: seventy-two

Spring '07 TOC

there’s  no  emergency  protocol  for  today
no  obstacle  course  of  floodwaters  to  navigate  through
most  boats  are  on  sidewalks  now
I  go  on  being  alive
knowing  only  what  I  can  know
it’s  not  late  August
I'm  waiting  to  pick  up  Mina  at  school
a  stream  of  cars  with  their  headlights  on
is  leaving  a  funeral  home
in  the  dark  space  behind  my  eyes
it's  Convention  Center  Blvd
there’s  a  mother  holding  a  newborn
saying  he  barely  wakes  up  anymore

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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