Gianina Opris: Segundo Cuadro

Spring '07 TOC

         “Mom did God create me?”
         “No. I created you.”
         “No.  God created me!”
         “Yes—with my influence.”
         “Bless you—Dear Dog.  You were born with the hic’ups!”
         “Are you the only one Dear Dog talks to?
         “No.  She talks to others too.  O listen . . . that’s Dear Dog’s favorite song 
         ____________________________ [  ]”
         “How do you know that?”
         “Cause she told me!  The other day I had Chris Botti’s CD going on and when it
came to song number five she said:  May I have this dance?”
         “And—we danced!”
         “But . . . but . . . is she your daughter?”
         “She is everything I don’t have close to me.  A Dear Sister.  A Dear Mother.  A
Dear Best Friend.  A . . .”
         “But you have a mom.”
“Look at the moon.  The earth gives us honey and milk.  I can dance in the air.  Rotate the
wheel.  Animals talk.  I participate in the inner life of another.  I can feel supernatural. 
Free.  I keep my socks on during the labor.  My words begin as a voice in the heart.”
         “Mom—is that an eco-lite prayer?”
         “Can you think of its creator?”

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