Tim Armentrout : Intersecting Perimeters of Relevance

Spring '07 TOC

The Drive

I-79 South smashed car in median windshield shattered stumped front end
elderly couple man confounded stands hands hipped, woman sits in driver’s seat
police car deer carcass abandoned barns in church parking lot large cross fountain forcing
water from spots on horizontal beam where christ’s hands might’ve been felled trees silo
left standing lidless beside brand new house hillsides scoured dirt roads going up and out
of sight.

The Gallery

Crescent wrench/ firm/ compared to the heart/ makes itself known/ to pliers/ vague
background/ skin/ as if falling away/ recedes to splatters/ exposes/ metal/ twisted
wires/ the home begins in the hardware store/ makes gray lines between black and
white/ monkey wrench/ needle nose pliers/ paintbrush/ saw/ sledge hammer/ claw
hammer/ spoon/ clamp/ heart/ splatters/ axe handles

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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