Gianina Opris: In the Lounge Chair

Spring '07 TOC

“Hello Stranger!”
         “I’ve seen how hard you work.”

I hear the story of the Erandi’s Braids.  She sold her hair in the 50s to buy her mother a fishing
net and a doll with a yellow dress.
Her Tattoo is a virgin.  It says: Dios Juzga . . .
Astar equals “where is she?”  Don Quarzo says.
The invisible woman has appeared.  The name of her dog is Shadow.
I see my father’s handwriting.  It took me almost forty years to find it.
The color of my wedding dress appears on the book: Inferno.
Remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears? –I like Afrotina and the Three Bears best.
Where is Martina:  La cucharacha?  She does find a prince in the end.
In the mother’s raccoon fairytale the past does not fit into photographs with golden frames.
They w’r glad Kondi made a Galimoto sorting wires. pushed and shoved.
I need to pop the corn or drink camu camu!

Are you busy Mother?
Now and then I look up at sweets hoping to find you.

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Not Enough Night
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