Gianina Opris: Collection of Rooms and Open Rooms

Spring '07 TOC

I am counting pebbles from a beach in Perú.
I left my wedding ring in Coney Island.  I wonder if some poets have found it.
I go to the theater to see cats in Cats.
I didn’t forget the man in Berkeley.  He was naked and taking mental notes while
dancing salsa.
I keep safe the egg of the anaconda.  Eat in Red China.  Change a syllable.  Look
at  Do  Ru  Mi  even when I seem asleep. 
—Don’t complain of being “hired muscle.”
I sing:  Spring means Forever.
I created / a name / a woman / my friends.
I said: “Happy Birthday my love.”
Attention to:  “How to make El Té de Magia”
Or spend day 50 between Las Sábanas.
“I am so mad.”  She says.  “Why did those men fly like in the poster?”
And then fight for a world that doesn’t inspire me.
Why can’t I put my anonymous poems up for sale?
Now I want to be in the government doing calculations.
I can do it.  (I’m not a cactus)  “Swear” I mean.
The rest of the world needs discovery.  Navigate the globe.  Count the leafy
This is from my house.  Look   my hand is all red.
Why keep this in secret-ecos rooms?

“Duke Theseus thinks about how imagination transforms
reality.  For him, it distorts what the eye sees.  But sometimes
the imagination may see truths that the eye cannot.”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~From A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM

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