Jack Collom: Nightmare Turquoise V

Spring '06 TOC

E nchanted tree, I climb you, easily,
E nfolded green among the scenery.
E cclesiastic rapture freezes me;
E spirit of wooded leafage sets me free.

E lide your lovely leaves with entropy:
E mit the light to see dendrology
E lated be, to elevate Grand-Prix
E luction (evil loves alee). Don't flee

E ntzwischen Tweedledum & Tweedle-dee.
E cdysiast of autumn, plead the glee
E lite; equality's low-quality,
E ffete. I clamber thee & fall from thee,

E quivalence of glee. In space a spree
E pitome. In all: eternity.



Enchanted tree,
I climb you, ea-
Sily, enfolded gree-
Eluction (e-
Vil loves alee).
Don't flee entzwischen Twee-
N among the sce-
Nery. Eccle-
Sciastic rapture free-
Dle-dum & Twee-
Dle-dee. Ecdy-
Siast of autumn, plea-
Zes me; esprit
Of wooded lea-
Fage sets me free. Eli-
D the glee eli-
Te; equality-
'S low-quality, effe-
De your lovely lea-
Ves with entropy:
Emit the light to see
Te. I clamber thee
& fall from thee,
Equivalence of glee.
Elated be,
To elevate Grand-Prix
In space a spree
In all: eternity.

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