Spring '06 TOC

In our inaugural issue we featured writers who are instructing in the MFA Creative Writing program. In Issue Two the focus was writers who had recently taught in Naropa's Summer Writing Program. For this third issue, we tapped writers from Naropa's resident MFA Writing and Poetics program. Issue Four, slated for summer '06, will include excerpts from the creative manuscripts of our first set of MFA graduates.

Our last issue was dedicated to the poet Robert Creeley, whose contribution to Naropa and to the canon of literature was profound and is enduring. This issue will honor the passing of Barbara Guest. While there is always a sense of tragedy and loss at such moments, with writers, we are left behind but not left empty-handed. We hope that in the weeks and years to come, you will spend time with the inspiring gifts she gave us.

—Junior Burke

Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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