Jack Collom: from Little Grand Island

Spring '06 TOC

our supper done, we wander, to delight us,
through darkened ways to where the silver light is:
Parkers Korner bar, where pocket billiards
lures me in, despite my damn bursitis.

the jukebox plays, Sierra dances, Mara reads,
my smile is like a lion in the weeds
(Sierra, sitting, spills her M & M's);
I run the table, eight enchanting deeds

for 50¢. now Myron racks the gaudy
balls, & runs em. even. (& in bawdy
innocence my family dance their straws
while Mickey Gilly roars about "Miss Clawdy").

Peewee asks us if we want more beer
& brandy. "Gotta go." our family cheer
doth crystallize. we glide the alleys bright
with broken glass, get home & sleep is here.

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Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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