Jack Collom: Enviro Poem (inspired by Amiri Baraka)

Spring '06 TOC

In a wink of time
But awhile after you & me get gobbled by soft maggots dead white like Moby Dick
oo-bop-a-looba-dooba- bip-bop-beep
In a wink of time
the fuckage of this crumb of nature we live on & call The World
ba-doop be-doop ba-doop
The fuckage we been fuckin' up is gonna turn more & more — thru Maniac
zoop zoop
Into Wreckage & we
Like a dung-beetle who has sucked his shit-ball dry
ba-DA ba-DAba-DA ba-DA
Are gonna experience Total Breakdown
               WOW WOW WOW
So that all the justice & injustice
That takes up 98.6% of people's energies now
Is gonna look like
Scratchin' a mosquito-bite . . . LICKETY-SPLIT LICKETY-SPLIT
So that we'll wonder for a split second
Before being engulfed in blood & sewage (3 seal barks)
Why we didn't pay more attention to
                                                                     where we were?

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