Lee Christopher - YOU, MIGUEL

Spring '05 TOC

The octopi have come to the jungle
They're making a nest next to the lioness
Who lies at their tentacles of shells

A fence of steel is built around them
By four riverboat fishermen
Whose silver spearguns sparkle like tiny suns
That shoot planets in the sky

I'm awed by the spectacle
As the octopi's fat tentacles massage my body
That has lay down separate from my soul
To erase my sins
A devilfishes' table of delight

Look, the nest is floating away
And I'm clutching a tentacle of the big one


He is diving
With the gracefulness of a porpoise
Deep into five giant oysters

He is the virgin mother turned whore
He is their infant of collapsed dreams
He is the veil of secrets I never want to give away
He is the only man and the only woman

I am looking for the road
Where the color of your eyes is deep
Where you are again swimming through the coral reefs
Where your feet dance ballets
For the lioness that sleeps in my mother

I am remembering visions of you
I am searching beyond the stars and planets


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