Ginger Teppner: Wick Effect

Fall '13 TOC


First understand capillary action, or capillarity, the ability of a liquid to flow in narrow spaces without the assistance of and in opposition to external forces like gravity.

Then, imagine there exists a blue print of guilt ground in the birth canal porous as paper or a monastery cell, the result of inter-molecular attractive forces between liquid conception and solid surrounding surfaces, in other words: parental imprinting— the hair of the head.

In the non-medical sense I am describing an affective state of being—a state of being, which resembles concave meniscus pulling up and against vaginal lining. This is where incompressibility and liquidity of false guilt (of the mother of the mother of the mother) flow in narrow space without opposition to gravity's leaded wings.

Each internal and existential conflict shared, spilled finally in life's earliest moments— the first gift to the first daughter—an all-consuming task: how to master the guilt, to become like mercury or glass whose intermolecular forces when paired within liquid exceed those between solid and liquid, form a convex meniscus.

There—cohesion within fluid echo chamber of ancestral chants, adhesive forces, the voice of God or doubt, and a new vessel—a new container to lift.

Capillaris, capillus, caput comes from the Latin adjective [         ] ("pertaining to the hair"), from the noun [       ] ("[   ]"), ultimately derived from [         ] ("head").

If the tube's diameter is sufficiently small, combination of surface tension (caused by [     ] within the liquid) and [                       ] caught between liquid and container acts to lift the liquid. This allows capillary action to work in reverse [to pray for a share] and compels reason from wet areas to dry. These areas I find comforting now despite thoughts running back to breath, literal and shrouded, back to breath and pushing ink in present tense.

The written self—a sheet of sound, the action of reading waves, the color of permission as time as a room borrowed. The wick effect expressed in set mouth.

This wicking then to absorb and then to drain what may be incorporated beyond stagnation mastery, beyond bound water propensity. This space of frost flowers in turmoil. This drive of capillary action in soil      not    yet      frozen.

Now I replace one archive with another anesthesia— pillars, columns, or ribbons, and heave long thin cracks along the stem where fear resides, inherent knowledge passed to my body, in my body drawn through from hers.

It freezes upon contact. It will break when touched.

It will sublimate visible in the early morning or in shaded areas beneath brilliant crest of autumn. It will sublimate when exposed after opium based pill dissolves. It will sublimate and shame, but who resembles witness left behind to spare this I of thinning needle or storm?

I know thick things occur [not possible to happen]. I know thick things occur [out of the unexpected]. But don't ever worry your pretty little head.    I     know     the       wicking    ends       with     me.



Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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