Andrew Helton: Wallace Park

Fall '13 TOC


At the park two dogs get into a fight—teeth snarling, grabbing at each other's throats, trying to force the other into submission. Then they shake the tension out of their bodies, sniff each other, and go on playing again while their people make threats and argue about who is responsible until it's time to go.

On their way home the dog sleeps in the back seat of the car. The man driving starts to feel guilty about the argument that he had and to assuage his guilt stops at the flower shop to buy roses for his wife to make up for past transgressions she doesn't know about but will soon suspect because he never buys her flowers.

The couple gets into a fight in the living room—teeth snarling, snapping at each other, trying to force the other into submission. Then they feel guilty, don't solve anything, and make love while their dog claws at the bedroom door until they are finished and finally take him for a walk.
Not Enough Night
Not Enough Night
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